Terra Ignota Hive flag patches

Exciting news Terra Ignota Fans: my friend Elizabeth Cano is a BRILLIANT embroidery artist, & we’ve worked together to create stunning PATCHES of the Terra Ignota Hive flags! Declare your Cousin, Utopian, Humanist etc. feelings proudly!

All up on Etsy: UnusualFrequency









Terra Ignota
In the four-volume Terra Ignota novel series, author Ada Palmer’s unique vision mixes Enlightenment-era philosophy with traditional science fiction speculation to bring to life the year 2454, not a perfect future, but a utopian one, described by a narrator writing in an antiquated form to catalog the birth of a revolution.

“Ferociously intelligent, narrated in a ravishing voice, this is the kind of science fiction I’ve been craving for years.”
—Sherwood Smith, author of Inda

Under Construction

This is a new professional website for Ada Palmer (historian, author, composer).  It is currently under construction, but will replace the old adapalmer.com in Spring 2014.