CoNZealand – History and SF Panel

Jul 31, 2020—13:00 to 13:50

Location: online

History and SF

Format: Panel

31 Jul 2020, Friday 13:00 – 13:50(NZT)

Programme Room 2 (Webinar) (Programming)

Phil Klass (William Tenn) once said that the real science of science fiction is history.  Many great SF works get much of their strength because the history — implicit or explicit — behind the story feels real. How do writers manage this? How can real history be made to work in a story? What are some examples?

Shaun Duke (Bemidji State University / The Skiffy and Fanty Show) (M)

Arkady Martine
Dr Farah Mendlesohn (BSFA)
Claire Bartlett
Ada Palmer

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