The Inaugural Durham University History of the Book Conference: Bibliophilia and Bibliophobia

Jun 30, 2020—17:00 to 18.00

Location: durham, uk

29-30 June 2020 | Online

This 2-day conference on ‘Bibliophilia and bibliophobia’ in the medieval and early modern history of the book will feature papers on the following themes: books and the emotions (books as objects or expressions of fear, hate, love, friendship, enmity…); books and devotion or obsession; book acquisition, book collecting and libraries; book burning and the destruction of books and the banning of books and censorship.

Plenary Speakers:
Deborah McGrady (University of Virginia)
Ada Palmer (University of Chicago)

Plenary Lecture – 17.00 – 18.00 (30th June)
Ada Palmer: Hostile Intervention in Renaissance Books and Manuscripts, from Correction to Expurgation

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