The Pearson Global Forum – The Climate of Conflict

Oct 06, 2020 - Oct 08, 2020

What can we learn about the COVID-19 pandemic from historical pandemics? Listen to the panel discuss their research on the economic impact of the bubonic plague.

Panel includes:
Mark Koyama; Associate Professor of Economics, George Mason University
Ada Palmer; Associate Professor of Early Modern European History and the College, University of Chicago Moderator: Katherine Baicker; Dean and Emmett Dedmon Professor, Harris School of Public Policy, University of Chicago

This panel was presented on October 7, 2020.

The climate of conflict is rapidly shifting around the world. The emergence of new conflicts is outpacing the ability of the international community to cope, new rules now govern old disputes, disunity through the spread of populism is creating long-term damage, and the palpability and perils of climate conflict itself represent an increasingly tangible reality for humanity. As the international community continues to deal with dozens of active conflicts, and the quickly shifting relationships between and among nations, it is essential to find paths towards resolution, peace, and stability.

At The Pearson Institute, our mission is to convene international leaders and world-renowned academics at The Pearson Global Forum to explore rigorous research and analysis to influence solutions, strategies, and policies for reducing and mitigating conflict to achieve a more peaceful world.