Perhaps The Stars

In Perhaps The Stars, the exciting conclusion to the Terra Ignota series, war has come to the world for the first time in centuries, as a single figure demands the surrender of every Hive and faction on Earth.  Legends walk the world as the technologies that tied family, work and home across the globe fail one by one in the face of battle.  World leaders continue their clandestine efforts to control humanity’s destiny as the purpose of the war remains hidden from the combatants, and above the fray, gods contend in their own struggle for the future.


“When I say that this volume makes this series one of the best things ever written in the history of ever, that it turns me into a pool of incoherent wow, that I cried more times than I can remember doing with any book, both in joy and in sadness, that everything pays off in the most satisfying imaginable way, you can trust me that I’m telling the truth.”

Jo Walton, author of The Just City

“A cornucopia of dazzling, sharp ideas set in rich, wry prose that rewards rumination with layers of delight. Provocative, erudite, inventive, resplendent.”


Ken Liu, author of The Grace of Kings

“Enough grandiose ideas and speculations, cynical and stoical takes on life, philosophical conundrums, and prescriptions for living to fuel a dozen lesser books.”

—Locus, on The Will to Battle