Non-Academic Events

Past Events

Chicon 8 (Worldcon 2022)

Worldcon is coming to my home city! Delighted to be both attending and helping to coordinate between the convention and my university!

1 Sep

ORD Camp

320 North Morgan Street

ORD Camp is a two day, invitation-only, gathering of 350 hand picked attendees. It’s a time to collect together the best minds in the midwest and beyond, to spark new […]

24 Jan

Dublin2019 Concert: Sassafrass

Point Square Dublin — 10:30 to 11:20

WH2 – Performance space (Point Square Dublin) Tales from Viking mythology set as close harmony a cappella music narrating the creation of the cosmos, the strife between Odin & Loki, […]

17 Aug

Dublin2019 Kaffeeklatsch

Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) — 17:00 to 17:50

Level 3 Foyer (KK/LB) (CCD)   Follow DUBLIN 2019 – AN IRISH WORLDCON, THE 77TH WORLD SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTION August 15-19 (@Dublin2019)  

15 Aug

Guest of Honor at Chessiecon 2017

Radisson North Baltimore Hotel

A delightful Baltimore-area science fiction & fantasy convention not far from my home town of Annapolis!

24 Nov